Construct #2 (October 19, 2015)

What do we, as products of the middle class, know about the reality beyond this city’s borders? Not much. Maybe even close to nothing. But we do not need to draw comparisons to know that life in the city—especially this city—is not OK. Something terribly wrong is happening in this zoo as we speak.

Yes, life here is undeniably alluring. Your necessities are readily available: modern civilization’s greatest achievement. So what is there to worry about? Of course you have to oppress, steal, insult others in front of your superiors, accumulate ugly rumors about your competitors or worst of all, you feel the constant urge to drain all feelings from your partner in order to be with your idol (who, of course, occupies the top tier of your social circle). But once again, what is there to worry about? Everyone does it anyway.

Opportunism—oh, there is no match for this grand mental construct. How could there possibly be one? Since the moment you began to understand the game of language, you have been educated to abide by its laws. Every institution you have come in contact with has showed and taught you how to be the perfect opportunist: part human, part serpent. And as exemplary products of the middle class, there is nothing left to do but to replicate the pattern. 

In the end, our surroundings begin to suffocate us; as the air becomes heavier and heavier, we get stuck in the rain, the worst scenario. We are no longer able to respond to your behaviour that is nothing more than a bad copy of a corrupted blueprint with silence. Like you, we are also exemplary products of the middle class, and we will continue to whisper the truths of your worst doings. After all, a single whisper is more than enough to destroy a household, is it not?


1. Staging an Eternity of Chaos
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3. Editors

Prose + Essays
1. Terulang Sendiri
2. Tentang Pelajaran
3. Bonang P. Sirait's Drawing of Don Quixote

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