Construct #1 (August 18, 2015)

To speak in one united voice, to let a single pen dance from page to page at the command of a hundred hands, to see the same view from countless corners...
Impossible? Perhaps, but not for long.

To share a vision does not equal to the death of diversity; it only means that there is an urgent situation that we want to observe together. When a particular issue, however important, is repeated by too many lone idealists, there is only white noise: an excruciating, clamorous silence. Our blood boils, the kettle whistles. But it is not time to sit down for a cup of tea.

Auden once said that poetry makes nothing happen. It is difficult to disagree. Literature, art and music do, in fact, make nothing happen—not because they cannot, but because they have a better purpose: They give us an infinite number of opportunities to confront humanity as well as the history we have created, and will continue to create with time's generous assistance. 

Construct is the beginning of our collective confrontation.


1. A Letter of Anger and Apologies
2. Tentang Habitat
3. Need Me?
4. Tafakur
5. Kepada Kawan Yang Bersuara

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