Construct #13 (September 5, 2017)

We live in a society that’s pushing us further and further into ourselves.

A cornered rat can bite a cat…they say
but they also say a lot of other things
about rats that are left to die and rot
we’ve been pushed and shoved by bullies
masquerading as friends and devoted lovers
Fuck fakers! Fuck fakers! we chant in our little bubbles
and there’s definitely a whole lot of fuckin’ and a lot of fakin’
and just because we chant doesn’t mean we don’t do it too
that’s all it takes for us to stay in our caves
we hoard the darkness of our times while hoping that
the light from a little rectangle is going to illuminate our minds
the little rectangle that tells us to love and tells us to like
and tells us to type shit we don’t mean just so people will
love us and like us in return even if they don’t mean it either

We live in a society that’s pushing us further and further into ourselves.

We are confused and we don’t want to admit it.
We are lab rats lost in a maze
because we forgot what cheese smells like.
We are exhausted and exhausting ourselves even further
by turning to short-term remedies that work for a while
but then what? But then what?
Then we wait. Then we find others who are also waiting.
Then we talk about what to do about this whole situation
and we wriggle out of denial together.
We crawl out of our caves.
We invent new expressions in which
there’s no reason for a rat to bite a cat
because there won’t be any corners to be backed into.


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