Construct #5 (April 25, 2016)

We have grown accustomed to the riots, hatred, and violence that fill the streets everyday. New events that are discussed and given attention to keep on coming—from cheap affairs of celebrities, the rotten political scandals, to terroristic atrocities.

And we perceive such events as some sort of “turbulence.” A disturbing anomaly to our supposedly ordinary, normal, and organized daily life that we choose to view from a distance while taking cover behind the comforting walls of our homes, offices, and Facebook—where the familiar and the ordinary take place.

But perhaps it is the familiar and the ordinary that we should be wary about: that it is within the things deeply attached to us we would find hard to question. Almost unquestionable, because we choose only to see what we want to see, we only hear what others want to hear as well.

To confront means to realize that what we do not see is more crucial; to experience something equals not experiencing it through different lenses. We are stuck in familiarity and numbed in our effortless acceptance of everything that surrounds us.

But the real question that lurks beneath it all: Are we used to getting numbed too much that there is no other way anymore than to accept it? And if all hopes are lost, can we still embrace it while still have the guts to bleed our senses over and over again? 


1. Familiar Scenes
2. The Impossibility of a Sundae
3. Di Ujung Waktu, Pada Akhirnya Membisu
4. Tentang Keseharian II
5. Moving Houses
6. An Invisible Alliance
7. God Is Dead

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