Construct #9 (January 2, 2017)

Here we go again.

After the instant decay of our willingness to understand one another, we start to dig our trenches deep enough, thus rendering every attempt to know The Other and vice versa. That gap is slowly morphing into a cliff, refusing to be crossed. No bridge, not even a line of rope, could exist in a widening gap.

This world and our surroundings are changing rapidly—too fast for some us, and running into directions we did not anticipate, nor understand. We look around and all we see is a strange, incomprehensible place.

As usual, many of us then panicked and unconsciously submit ourselves to be pawns for clergies, oligarchs, and the State. We are not even playing.

Like those before us, we felt that we could no longer hide under a tree's shade; instead we came back crawling to our caves, hoping that the world and those who we did not understand magically roll back to a less angry place and humans we could live with. We left The Other being poisoned with hate, fear, and ignorance every day.

That was our mistake.

We cannot give up; even though it is painful to change our surrounding and reach an understanding with those we love. To give up is simply to let our ignorance, fear and hate, dominate our lives. We have to keep trying to recongnize this world and our surroundings, how it moves and what caused them to explode.

The sun is already here, why not fly closer to it?


1. Pekan Kejam
2. A Pause
3. What Has Been Spilled
4. Seasick
5. André Breton, Marxisme
dan Revolusi Surealis
Yang Tak Selesai

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