Construct #17 (June 21, 2018)

"One cannot imagine the fragility of human life until she has caught a glimpse of Death’s fragrance. We couldn’t shake the faintest moment when the Black Boned Angel sent a spine-tingling sensation that could condense 60 years of life into a 6-second-long flash of memory. It’s a sudden glitch in our head, a cold sweat on our pounding chest. Our body knows, even when our head said she’s got nothing to worry about.

Those greetings from Azrael came to each person in their own unique way. It cannot be replicated, nor multiplied; one could extract the pattern, but the exact moment couldn’t be reproduced. So Death, in all its might, is that friend that no one else had. Maybe he sent those greetings in your travels, when you had to hit the brakes to avoid a giant truck. Maybe he came to whisper a few words when you ate that last piece of meat. Maybe he manifested into a fatal combination of liver, lung, and heart failure when your kids have all grown up. Or maybe he came every day, creeping behind your shadows, and chipping away at your lifespan like an old paint job.

Nowadays the cold tide of Death has swept our families, friends, colleagues, neighbors, comrades, in a much more subtle and grueling signal. We see them struggle just to keep their heads quiet and their feet idle. We help them to wake up and welcome the sun each day. We sit by their side when they’ve been awake for too long. We come running when they try to tear up their veins. We try and try, and yet Death welcomes them like an old friend, or a nice warm bath.

One has to imagine that there are better days than this; the ones when our Future doesn’t seem like the inertia inside the belly of a rotting beast. When the car is on fire and there’s no driver at the wheel, would you give in to Death? Or would you rather build another Future, the one where the paving stones end at the Beach?"


1. Fragments of Spacers
2. You Caught Me On A Bad Day (Again)
3. Drive-Thru
4.  Loyalty, Totality

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