Construct #3 (December 31, 2015)

The rapid advancement of technology has led to an unprecedented accessibility to information. In order to keep up with what the world has to offer, all we need is an electronic device and our fingers. This intimate relationship with technology has intensified to the point that we sometimes lose sight of its positive and negative consequences.

We have become dependent on the sheer convenience of knowing so much by doing so little, while those controlling the production and circulation of both trivial and serious content—especially mass media—continue to feed on these responses by producing and circulating even more information that may or may not help us to make sense of our current situation.

Ideally, everyone who has access to information should have the ability to digest and apply it according to his or her most pressing needs. Unfortunately, the violent current of information has destroyed the fine line that separates right and wrong. In short, the very thing that has the potential to enlighten us turns out to be the same thing that can mislead us. "Reality" is lost amid all this excess, making the task of determining what it should or should not entail all the more difficult.

Now, are you strong enough to withstand the current and swim against it? Or would you rather be swept away?


1. Untitled
2. Carnal Tunnel
3. Before the Flood
4. Tangled
5. Sessions
6. Identitas?
7. Usik

Prose + Essay
1. Against Humour as Entertainment: 
A Critique on the Contemporary Pathological 
Need to Be Entertained
2. Tentang Perubahan

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