Construct #10 (March 6, 2017)

We rarely realize how easily and passionately we comment on, mock or even condemn phenomena that in truth are irrelevant to our surroundings. But even more disconcerting is the fact that we treat chirps, whose sources are questionable to say the least, with the same empty intensity.

This aggressive passivity has turned us into experts in hiding and cowering behind gadgets. And as a result, we have become increasingly detached from the information that those gadgets constantly feed us and vice versa without understanding the consequences of the entire affair.

Whether we realize it or not, we are suffocating from the pollution filling up the two worlds we simultaneously inhabit: the physical world and the Internet. The sad truth is that we have no one but ourselves to blame in both cases.

It is not easy to confront our own mistakes. It makes us question ourselves. The voices unceasingly ask the haunting question: Who will win this fight—you or yourself?

But though it may seem bleak, there is still hope. It lies in our responsibilities to contemplate and act accordingly. Only we can change the way we live in our worlds because if we truly try to understand and better our surroundings, along with the many things that occur within it, we will be able to slowly free ourselves from indifference.

By cultivating an interest in learning about the many events that shaped and continue to shape history, and therefore our lives, we will hopefully become more adept at avoiding the tight grips of rumours and ignorance.


1. Another Reason to Be Together
2. Strictly Professional
3. A Call
4. Withdrawn
5. Analisis Sajak Pier Paolo Pasolini:
Kondisi Imanen Dalam
Pembentukan Ideologi Fasisme
6. Matinya Teori dan Transgresi 
Dalam Karya Seni:
Sebuah Refleksi Kritis Dari
Seorang (Mantan) Praktisi Seni
Mengenai Performans "Makan Mayit"

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